Saturday, August 27, 2005


For each s’more:
2 Graham crackers
1 large marshmallow
2 squares Hershey chocolate

Stick marshmallow on a bamboo skewer that has been soaked in water (to prevent the wood from burning). Gently toast marshmallow over flame (although, an electric stove element will do just as well). Top one Graham cracker with two squares of chocolate, and use it, along with another cracker, to remove marshmallow from the skewer. Wait a few seconds for chocolate to begin to melt.


Michele Rule said...

Hi Darcie,

As a former Girl Guide, I was very happy to see this recipe - not that it is a difficult one, but it is absolutely the only thing to eat for dessert when camping. I have to say, I have never tried toasting a marshmellow over an electric stove though!

Here's another great campfire recipe from my Guiding days:

Chocolate Banana Boats
(serves one)
Take a slightly underripe banana (squishy ones will not work) and cut a three sided "door" in the inside curve of the banana. Scoop out some banana. Eat it (it's good for you!). Then fill the space with semi-sweet chocolate chips and mini marshmellows. Close the "door". Wrap the banana in tin foil (shiny side in). Place in a bed of coals - the same coals you can use to make S'mores while waiting for your banana. Let bake for about 10 minutes (less if the fire is still pretty hot). Unwrap, peel back some more of hte peel and enjoy with a small spoon!
Once as a youth I tried to make this in my aunt's microwave. Not a good idea. Campfire is the best!
Thanks for bringing back a treasured memory!

P.S. now I am involved with Scouting as I have only boy children, but they like S'mores too!

darcie said...

Michele! Talk about a trip down the memory cul de sac. I remember scooping out bananas and stuffing them full of adulterated fruit. Except I made them as banana splits, with ice cream. Thanks for the tip on the microwave!