Tuesday, August 08, 2006

favourite flavours for the grill

(Blends from the Canadiana Spicery)

Chicken - “Red Pepper and Garlic”
Lamb - “Herbes de Provence”
Steak - “BBQ Blend”
Burgers - into a standard hamburger mixture of beef, eggs and breadcrumbs add “Garlic and Herb Medley”
Pork - “Asian Stir Fry”
Duck - “Chinese 5 Spice”
Venison - “Hunter’s Blend”
Salmon - “Spicy Seasoned Salt”
Corn on the cob - “Country Pepper:
Zucchini - “Herbes de Provence”
Eggplant - “Italian Herbs”
Potatoes, carrots and onions - “Unique Greek”

Prepare meats for the grill by rubbing on all sides with vegetable oil. Season with salt and spice blends. For zucchini or eggplant, toss with vegetable oil salt and spice blends. Place corn on the cob or a mixture of potatoes, carrots and onions on parchment paper-lined sheets of aluminium foil. Dot with butter and season with salt and spice blends; seal foil into packets. Place on preheated grilling surface and cook until desired doneness (note: vegetables take longer to cook than meats).

Where to find it: Canadiana Spicery blends are available online at www.countrypepper.com


Lisa said...

Anna-Marie (Canadianna Spicery) will be on CBC's Dragon's Den. Iwent with her to Toronto. What a GREAT experience!! Please watch. Monday nights CBC!!

Lisa said...

This girl rocks!! Amazing array of spices & great recipes. Check out the web site.